Exclusively Personalized helmets

Protect your head with style

Do you want to personalize your motorcycle helmet?

We make unique and exclusive custom helmets for you.

Whether you have an idea or not, we will help you create the best design for your helmet.

Learn about our creative process

1.Initial Meeting

Contact us and tell us your idea and send us your preferences, which you have in mind. It is very important to know your idea thoroughly and what you want to express with it. In order for you to feel totally connected to your design, we collect all the important data, so that in the next phase we can offer a design that is consistent and accurate with what you have in mind.

como diseñar mi casco
diseñar casco proceso

2. Design proposals

We will analyze the possibilities and present solutions and proposals respecting your idea. The different options will then be sent to you to get your feedback, before starting the paint work process. Once the OK has been received, the creative phase can be considered complete and we will be closer to having your custom helmet.

3.The painting process

We move on to the next stage, the most interesting and exciting process begins, which consists of transferring that idea to the surface of the helmet. Each piece is treated with patience, taking care of even the smallest detail. We carry out the painting work with the appropriate techniques, brushes, airbrushing, markers, etc. Going through the surface preparation, the application of background paints, design development, and varnishing. Along with successive sanding, repainting and drying.

barnizar casco de moto

4.Delivery of the customized helmet

To finish, we give a varnish for fixing and protection. Offering a glossy or matte touch depending on the client's preferen- ces. With this we manage to bring the colors to life and create a barrier against scratches and even the impacts of small stones. After giving it the layer of varnish and polishing, you will obtain a unique helmet completely adapted to your style.

Some of our custom helmets

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